Osity is a design led luxury stationery brand that has quality, traditional craft skills and sustainability at its core with designs inspired by a traditional printer’s workshop. But you might be wondering what is an Osity? Well, where my family comes from an osity or (funny osity) is someone or something that is daft or peculiar in an amusing way. Me and my sisters were called funny little osities quite a lot by our dad when we were kids.

“You’re a funny little Osity”

We grew up being part of our family printing business. The workshop at the bottom of the garden was a particular source of fascination for me. It was full of old machinery, type and printing blocks, things that had been left behind from a bygone era. It left a lasting impression as years later after I had finished art college I went to work for my dad in our family printing business and learned a thing or two about print and design.

“Making good use of the things that I find”

Traditional printing is Osity’s heritage. After many years of advising on and helping to produce bespoke stationery for clients I began to create designs for stationery products that encompassed all that I had learned working in the print trade. I wanted to make good use of the things that I had collected and found from being in my dad’s workshop, be it a piece of metal type, a vintage relief block of a beautiful fox illustration or individual pieces of border. In each of these things I could see the potential to reinvent the original objects and make them into something new – vintage objects but with a modern design twist. Osity’s beautiful bold, bright, nostalgic and playful designs work together with traditional print processes and the sustainable materials that they are printed on to create paper products with a distinctive look and feel.

Osity products along with some of the inspiration from the print workshop

“Made in rural England”

Osity stationery products are made in the workshop at the bottom of the garden in the rural midlands of England where a very small team of helpful elves design, print, assemble, finish and pack each item with love and care. Living and working in such a rural area we take our responsibility towards protecting and preserving nature very seriously. All our products are made using recycled and FSC assured materials, we keep packaging to a minimum and are working hard towards being plastic free.

“Write, Make, Create”

While away many happy hours immersed in your Osity sketch pad, make plans and lists for your next project with our handy pocketbooks, craft with our patterned papers or simply feel the warm glow of giving gifts and greetings for like minded lovers of quality well crafted fun and friendly stationery. We hope you enjoy using Osity stationery products as much as we have enjoyed making them for you.

Sarah Wood-Lane
Founder and Funny Little Osity