What's behind a name?

I like a good play on words, and when I chose the name Osity for my brand it was more to do with a saying that my dad used for me when I was a child. "You're a funny Osity" is a colloquial northern saying for someone being a bit daft or silly but in an amusing way, and it was what he would say when I was engaged in some particularly daft but amusing endeavour as a youngster. This is the general ethos behind Osity - preserving that bright and bouncy childlike enthusiasm for making, creating, giving and discovering.

I also liked the way I could use the suffix of "osity" to inform how the different collections of stationery could be presented, LuminOsity being the first. But when l looked into the actual meaning of the suffix "osity" I was really pleasantly surprised to find that it meant "the quality of being". So luminosity quite literally means the quality of being luminous.

I really like this idea of "the quality of being" having an association with a stationery brand which makes products to mark occasions in our lives - a birthday, Christmas, moving home, a gift, a handwritten note just to say "hey, how are you?" - all marking our existence and that we care about each other. Doesn't it just make you feel all warm and fluffy!

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