The making of the LuminOsity collection

LuminOsity started with pattern. Patterns that came from endless fiddling with metal type and ornamental borders for letterpress printing. I love the way I can literally build patterns in this way. I really admire renowned pattern makers and designers like Enid Marx and Elizabeth Friedlander, and I was a massive Lego fan when I was a child, so putting these two inspirations together was the perfect match for me. I worked with my dad on my early pattern making ventures. He suggested I should proof all my pattern making experiments in black ink to get a feel for them in order to choose the ones that would work best. Then came the colour! I love colour just as much as pattern making, and the brighter the better. I happened to find an old tin of luminous yellow ink at the back of the ink cupboard one day, and this was the start of LuminOsity. It has grown into a collection of beautiful yet functional products with graphic shapes, patterns and bouncing bold bright colour and typography to cheer up the darkest of days.

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