Stop! Look! and Listen!

Osity Curiosity Letterpress Printed Embossed Cover A5 Notebooks

"Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while you could miss it." Ferris Bueller.

Autumn is well and truly here! We took a bit of a battering last weekend with wild wind and rain, but this week has been much more crisp and serene. Autumn is one of my favourite seasons. I especially love listening on really quiet days and noticing the different coloured leaves flitter down from their tree branches. I love the dramatic, tangible change from summer into autumn (autumn is such a massive show off, it's so "look at me"!). It's a time for storing and preserving. I love the very many collectable things it yields - seed heads and pods, spiky conker cases, nuts and berries amongst other things, and I love watching the wildlife going about gathering these things (there's a whole lotta love going on here!).

This autumn season I've been making a point of doing my own bit of collecting. Not physical objects, but recording what I see and hear and how it makes me feel in one of my CuriOsity notebooks. I was lucky enough to see a beautiful grey wagtail the other day. I had never seen one before and I wrote down how its striking yellow and grey markings really stood out, that it had a sleek little body, how its grey tail bobbed happily up and down, and how the excitement of seeing something new for the first time really made me feel - I even added a quick little drawing of it!

I've come to love these little mindful moments so much, and I find a lot of peace in making these personal notes, observations and doodles. I feel like they deserve a special place in which to reside. My CuriOsity notebook has been made so thoughtfully, with such love and care out of sustainable materials, and feels so beautiful in my hands that I know my precious thought collections will have longevity, and will endure inside their pages for me to reflect back on for many years to come.

What will you be filling your notebook with this autumn?

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