May Mindfulness

LuminOsity sketch pads by Osity

What does being mindful mean for you? For me it’s being present in a particular moment. It’s rained a lot recently which made me think back to the times when I was a child where I would sit on my bedroom windowsill and trace the raindrops down the window with my finger, or pit two raindrops against each other and see which one would win. I liked the way the glass felt beneath my fingers and that it was miserable and grey outside, but inside I was warm and cosy. I was totally immersed in this, and for me this is what having a mindful moment is. Away from all the hustle bustle, taking a quiet moment to just be.

When I moved up into the grown up world chasing and racing raindrops didn’t seem to be a widely accepted past time and I forgot that I used to do this and how it made me feel. These days mindfulness has been “a thing” for a little while now, and it wasn’t until I moved into a house of my own with windowsills big enough to sit on again that I fully appreciated the term mindfulness – fully present in that moment, enjoying a thoughtful sensory experience.

When I began to design products for Osity it was really important to me that they should function as confidants for mindful moments that you can be fully immersed in, whether it be capturing thoughts in your notebook, sketching or lettering, paper crafting or writing a thoughtful greeting to a friend. Not only are the designs beautiful and eye catching, the products themselves are also tactile and textural so that the experience continues on from being drawn in by your eye to holding the products in your hand, feeling the impression of the printed design or the way the paper feels under your fingers and the how the pencils sit in your hand.

Osity products have been thoughtfully and mindfully made in the rural midlands of England for you to love, enjoy and to be present with you in your mindful moments.

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