It's that time of year again!

Who can remember back to the not too dim and distant past the thrill and excitement of getting a hand written letter or card in the post? Little paper keepsakes that an email or text message just can't replicate. I remember keeping up an active correspondence with my grandma when I was a child. This usually featured a copy of the latest Bunty magazine and a letter from grandma to me, and I would then write to her in return to tell her about my latest favourite my little pony which was big news back in those days! I still have some of those letters which are a real touchstone to the past.

With the festive season slowly wending its way towards us and the end of one very peculiar year in sight, what better way to give your loved ones that warm fuzzy feeling of nostalgia and excitement by sending some beautifully crafted and hand written FestiveOsity Christmas cards - keepsakes for the future. Or maybe you're after a special gift for a special friend who you would like to keep up a regular hand written correspondence with like I use to with my grandma. Our LuminOsity personalised notecards presented in a beautiful gift box may be just the ticket. Happy writing and season's greetings to you all, my fellow FestiveOsities.

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