Deck the halls with patterned paper and origami...

Osity origami star tutorial

Follow this "How To" guide to make festive paper star decorations using our LuminOsity patterned papers.

You will need:

  • Patterned paper
  • Glue stick or mouse tape runner
  • Twine
  • Pair of scissors

Step 1

For each star decoration we used two squares of patterned paper 150mm x 150mm. Concertina fold each sheet of paper and then fold in two in the middle.

Osity patterned paper origami star tutorial - folding a concertina

Step 2

Cut a piece of twine and tie the two pieces of folded paper together (the twine will be the hanger for the decoration so make sure you leave it long enough). Now cut the ends of the decoration to make the points of the star.

Osity patterned paper origami star tutorial - tie the concertinas together and cut the ends

Step 3

Taking your glue stick or mouse tape runner, stick the flat edges together and your paper star decoration will be revealed!

Osity patterned paper origami star tutorial - stick the edges together to make your star

Step 4

Finally tie the twine — your decoration is now ready to hang!

Osity patterned paper origami star decoration tutorial

Happy making!

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