Colour and Mood

January has arrived skulking on the heels of the twinkling lights and warm colours of Christmas. Cloaked in its drab greyness, January is hardly the best herald of optimism and hope that often accompanies bringing in a new year. The third Monday of every January is so called Blue Monday and has been calculated to be the most depressing day of the year by somebody somewhere. But blue is the colour of calmness and serenity - think of the blues of a summer sky or a sharp frosty morning, or dare I say it a swimming pool! Think of these blues and your mood is uplifted, and so the association with sadness or unhappiness seems unfounded. Now place that blue next to another colour, something positive like a Luminous Yellow, and now you're really talking summer skies and holiday vibes. Hot pink has warmth and vibrancy and promises fun and carefree times, and if you give the aforementioned grey a bit of a subtle shimmer and sparkle we call it silver!

Later on this month I will be making use of one of Osity's Swimming Pool Blue Pocketbooks and a Hot Pink Recycled Pallet Pencil to take part in the RSPB's Big Garden Birdwatch. For one hour between the 29th and 31st January i will be counting how many different bird species visit my garden. Taking part in the Big Garden Birdwatch helps increase understanding of the challenges faced by wildlife, and living and working in the wilds of rural Herefordshire this is important to me.

So this January I won't let myself feel the drabness, I will instead surround myself with LuminOsity's uplifting colours and do a little bit to help nature.

See the collection.